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Message for all groups - Public liability insurance

Recently the reformed NSW Service Council sent around a notice that they were providing Personal Liability Insurance for Groups listed in the Reviver.


This is a reminder that all Groups are already covered by the General Service Board, whether or not they are registered with the General Service Office (GSO).


In addition your Group may require a Certificate of Currency for Public Liability in order to rent a meeting room.


To do this your Group needs to be registered with the GSO, by filling in the attached form and emailing or mailing it back. The GSO will then send the Certificate. 


You will notice that the form asks your Group to contribute a percentage to running the GSO. This is an agreement in principle and not a demand for a specific amount.


Most Groups already contribute this way via the Group Donation Plan and nothing extra is required.


Insurance is expensive so we like Groups to know it is one of the valuable services provided by your General Service Board.


Having other policies may complicate any claims and cause lengthy delays.


Download the Group Registration Form here

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Resumption of Face-to-Face Meetings


As meetings transition back to their regular format we will update the meeting listings on the website.


Check the list for further updates. 


Please email to advise if your group has updated meeting details. 


Please let us know:

  • when face-to-face meetings will recommence for your group

  • if there will be still be an online meeting, i.e. Zoom

  • if there are any restrictions on how many people can attend the venue

  • any other important information


Thank you!


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