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ZOOM ID 791 752 4981 decommission



Thank you for your patience while Area B and Central Service Office Committees, with input from our General Service Office Committee Chair, have worked through the issues associated with our fellowship Zoom accounts.

The Zoom ID 791 752 4981 was set up and funded centrally, initially to meet the needs of members during bushfires, then to assist when COVID lockdowns started and they have been a valuable tool to help many of us during the last couple of years.


Regrettably, there are safety issues which cannot be managed when Zoom accounts are provided at the Area Level however this is manageable at the group level. Additionally our Seventh Tradition states that "Every group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions."

As such, the provision of Zoom ID 791 752 4981 for use by individual groups will cease midnight Thursday 17 February.  Any groups using the Zoom ID 791 752 4981 will need to set up their own Zoom account. 


We sincerely apologise for the speed at which this will be implemented and recognise the issues this may cause. The diverter number 1300 222 222 is as always available for members in need.  Nation Wide Zoom meeting can be found at


Website/Meeting List 

The website, which maintains meeting information, will begin removing Zoom ID information from the website this week. Please let CSO know once your group has a new Zoom ID so it can be added to meeting lists (Canberra and National).
We expect that this will generate a great deal of work for our public information office. Please remember we are non-professional and as such there may be some delays while we update this information.

Setting up a Zoom Account

The safety issues experienced by Area B would not affect individual Group Zoom accounts if they are set up using the hosting guidelines provided at
The site above provides some documents which outline how groups can establish their own Zoom accounts, and manage the privacy and safety of their members. Accounts cost around $209.90 per year (around $20.99 per month). If your group is in critical need of support and unable to meet this cost then please contact Area B to discuss your needs.

Yours in Service
Area B Committee and Canberra Central Service Office Committee

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