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Service in AA

Canberra and District

Canberra and Region Central Service Office (CSO) is located in Holder, ACT and is run by a committee and staffed by volunteers. It's open for literature sales and other business on Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 10am to 3pm (best to call 6287 3112 / 6287 3020 first). 


As well as running the office, the Canberra and Region CSO Committee co-ordinates the Diverta 24 hour helpline; the Saturday morning Beginners' Meeting; information sessions at the detox at the Canberra Hospital; and this website.


The committee is responsible to groups through the annual Central Service Council, and group representatives are welcome to attend monthly committee meetings. 


Click here to Contact the CSO Committee.


Available Service Positions

- Please, contact us if you are interested in a service position. 

- Position Descriptions can be viewed here.

- CSO Chairperson - 1 Year Sobriety Requirement 

- CSO Treasurer - 2 Year Sobriety Requirement 

Central Service Office (CSO) Direct Contacts


CSO Committee Chair:


CSO Treasurer: 


CSO Diverta Coordinator: 


CSO Detox Coordinator:


CSO Beginners Meeting Coordinator:


CSO Literature Coordinator:


CSO Information Coordinator (includes general AA information requests and website admin):


CSO Liaison: 

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